Effective Representation For A Workplace Injury

Workers' compensation allows employees to obtain monetary benefits and medical coverage for injuries sustained at work. Unfortunately, some employers may try to prevent valid claims or reduce their injured employee's benefits. Coventry Legal Services helps people in the Hartford metropolitan area, across eastern Connecticut and throughout the state with their workers' compensation claims.

Our Hartford lawyer is a board-certified workers' compensation specialist who has over 25 years of experience in the Connecticut legal industry. She uses her extensive litigation knowledge to get the best possible outcome for clients in negotiations and the courtroom.

Understanding Workers' Compensation Claims

Compared to personal injury cases, workers' compensation claims have a complex legal process. Injured workers must inform their employer of injuries and give written notice to the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission. A worker must file this notice within one year of their injury or within three years of the signs of an occupational injury.

Accidents at work and the workplace environment that can qualify a worker for a claim include:

  • Heart disease and hypertension for some firefighters and police officers
  • Industrial diseases and cancer caused by exposure to dangerous substances
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries caused by repetitive motions
  • Construction accidents, such as a fall from a tall height or crush injury
  • PTSD, depression and other emotional issues caused by a stressful workplace

If a worker dies because of an accident, their family may be able to file a claim for survivor's benefits. Our firm represents people who have lost loved ones because of dangerous work conditions.

Choosing Your Legal Approach

There are strict guidelines for the types of compensation that injured workers can claim, and they may not be able to receive their earlier salaries. Our attorney will work with you to understand your case goals and then create a legal strategy that gets efficient results. We can manage the protracted litigation process while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

If you can return to work but cannot perform the duties of your old position, you should receive a work placement that fits your physical ability. Some employers may try to ignore light duty restrictions and push workers beyond safe limits. Our attorney can protect your rights and fight to get you a fair position or alternative benefits.

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